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Commuter Spotlight - Jenna Done - posted on 2/17/17

Jenna Done, a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in human resource development, commutes more then 40 miles one way to get to the University of Houston. Read about her take on public transportation and more in our latest commuter spotlight.

The End of Parking? - posted on 2/01/17

Industry trends and studies are forecasting some pretty interesting things regarding the future of parking not just here, but across the world. It will be interesting to see what this means for the future of our operations down the line.

Navigating Campus and Our City During Super Bowl LI - posted on 1/26/17

Coogs, the big game is less than two weeks away. The days leading up to the matchup between the Patriots and the Falcons are filled with a number of events, including some on our campus, so familiarize yourself with what's going on and be prepared to welcome thousands of visitors to our great city!

While You Were Away... - posted on 1/17/17

Classes may have been out of session, but we didn't stop working. Familiarize yourself some of the upgrades and changes we made to our services and parking lots over the winter break by reading the latest edition of Word on the Street. 

Commuter Spotlight: Sean Baser - posted on 12/8/16

Through press releases, social media posts, videos and more, we're constantly promoting and sharing information about the various services and programs offered through our department, yet we rarely, if EVER, take a step back and share the stories and feedback we hear from the individuals actually USING these services. Our new Commuter Spotlight series is working to change that as we begin to periodically highlight the various ways people can and are taking advantage of all Parking and Transportation Services has to offer them.

Fall 2016 in the Rearview Mirror posted on 11/22/16

From how to return a parking permit you won't need in the spring semester to how graduation may impact parking and transportation on campus, this week's blog posts covers some important items to keep in mind as the fall 2016 semester comes to a close.

Hot Deal: Extra Realty for Parkingposted on 11/16/16

With nearly 4,000 parking spaces on the main campus going offline tomorrow, Nov. 17 for the UH versus Louisville football game, consider parking at ERP and taking a shuttle to work or class.  

Where to find us: Parking and Transportation office locations- posted on 11/09/16

Our department has a total of four offices across campus that assist with a wide range of customer requests and needs. Check out the helpful map provided in this week's post to learn where you can go to learn more about COAST, pay a citation and more.

Mean Tweets: @UHParking Edition- posted on 11/01/16

No strangers to criticism and harsh feedback, members of the parking and transportation team took some time recently to laugh at themselves and their shortcomings while reading some of the less favorable comments the department has received on its Twitter account.

Parking marketing takes center stage at national conference- posted on 10/27/16

Members of the parking marketing recently presented at NACAS where they touched on the strategies and iniatives they've adopted over the last year to revamp how they communicate departmental news and updates with the campus community. 

COUGARS: Don’t miss the Discover Bus- posted on 10/18/16

The second of three fall METRO Discover Bus appearances at the Student Center Circle Drive is scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 20. Stop by from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. to learn more about all of METRO's services.

Collaborating with our Coogs- posted on 10/07/16

Throughout the fall semester, my team and I will be working with members of GENB 3302: Connecting Bauer to Business Projects to explore ways to better market COAST, our new alternative transportation incentive program, to students across campus. Learn more about this partnership and how it all began in this week's post.

Outnumbered: The Reality of Game Day Parking- posted on 9/27/16

This Thursday night's game will have a big impact on campus parking and traffic throughout the day. This post dives into the actual numbers behind the operations to give a real, honest look at what faculty, staff and students can expect if they will be on campus during this time.

Dissecting the ten-year plan- posted on 9/21/16

During the Spring 2016 semester, my team and I previewed a ten-year parking plan that explored various ways we intend to adjust and change our program over the next decade to cope with the projected increased need for University parking and transportation options. Some of the plan's biggest takeaways are highlighted in this week's post.

COAST Milestone Offsets 790 Parking Spaces- posted on 9/13/16

In just four months, COAST, the new alternative and sustainable transportation program developed by Parking and Transportation Services has recruited over 1,000 members and thus offset enough parking spaces to fill parking lot 16B.

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