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Learn to use a balance of qualitative and quantitative tools to anticipate signicant changes for the future.

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The Foresight graduate certificate is an abbreviated version of the graduate degree, in which students take four of the core courses from the graduate program. This program prepares students to enter an emerging professional field helping clients and employers anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and to influence those changes to achieve long-term goals.

Professional futurists emphasize systemic and transformational change as opposed to traditional forecasters and planners who focus on incremental change based on existing conditions and trends. Since long-term predictive forecasts are rarely correct, futurists describe alternative plausible and preferable futures, in addition to the expected future.

Instead of limiting themselves to traditional forecasters' quantitative methods, futurists also use a balance of qualitative and quantitative tools. The program provides collaboration and innovation with multiple perspectives on foresight, business and marketing, consumer science and retailing.

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