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12:00 pm5:00 pm
Tania Candiani: Lifeblood

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Tania Candiani: Lifeblood

September 22—November 19, 2023

Histories and lives embedded in the land – and particularly the waterways that have alternately built and destroyed Houston over time – will be the subject of a newly commissioned, multi-disciplinary work by Mexican artist Tania Candiani. In her past work, Candiani has worked across a spectrum of media and practices to explore the intersections between people, place, labor and industry. In so doing, Candiani initiates explorations and collaborations that convene communal meditations on the past via music, architecture, and craft, with an emphasis on early technologies and vernacular practices of record-keeping. Her work in Houston will be developed out of an intermittent eight-month residency generously sponsored and supported by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts.

7:30 pm9:30 pm
Concert:Moores School Symphony Orchestra

Experience a captivating evening with the Moores Symphony Orchestra, where enchantment takes center stage.

Directed by Franz Anton Krager, The Moores School Symphony Orchestra is a leading ensemble in the area of new music as well as an important repository for the standard literature, presenting works from all major orchestral genres including full orchestra, chamber orchestra, opera, oratorio, and ballet. As a major ensemble with over 110 members, the orchestra collaborates on a regular basis with the Moores Opera Center, Moores School of Music choirs, and the Houston Ballet Academy. The high level of its performances has been hailed by international artists and critics alike as a student ensemble of professional quality and versatility.