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There is a lot of information to remember when you first move into your residence hall at the University of Houston.  To help make your transition as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list for you of important things to know.  Remember, you can always come back to this list when you need a refresher. 



Do Laundry: 

Sort, wash, dry! It’s as simple as that. When you live on campus, you can do all your laundry for free in your residence hall!  All you need to bring is your laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc. If you’ve never done laundry before, don’t worry. You can follow along with the simple step-by-step instruction posters that are available in every laundry room. 

You can also set up text alerts on to be notified when your wash/dry cycles are complete!‬ 

Submit a Fix It request: 

  • You can submit online requests 24/7 to get assistance with information technology (computer, wireless, software, email, Philo), residential facility or room support, and laundry room issues.  This page will walk you through how to submit a Fix-It work order for any issue you may be having in your residence hall. 


Get Around on Campus: 

Getting around on campus is easy thanks to the many transportation methods provided by UH. 

  • Cougar Line Shuttles 
    • These buses can take you to various locations across campus.  They’re a completely free mode of transportation for all students. You can view bus routes, hours of operation, and even live tracking here. 
  • Cougar Ride
    • Cougar Ride is an after-hours shuttle that runs from 9 PM – 5 AM seven days a week.  Riders can request service online starting at 9 PM each night through 4:45 AM each morning.  This is a great option for those nights when you’re studying late on campus. 
  • Your Own Bicycle 
    • Biking is a super quick way to get around campus.  If you chose to bring a bike, then you’ll need to register it with the University of Houston Police Department (UHPD).   
  • Why register your bike?  
    • Bicycle theft can happen to anyone. Make sure you’re prepared by providing your bike’s serial numbers and specific description to UHPD. This information is crucial for police to identify recovered bicycles and locate rightful owners. 
    • You can register your bike online here or you can register it in person by visiting the UHPD office at 4051 Wheeler Houston, TX 77204. Registering is free. 
  • Renting a Bike 
    • If you don’t have a bike to bring with you, you’re in luck! You can rent a bike on campus through Houston BCycle. UH, students can receive a discounted membership for just $60 a year. With six different stations on campus, there’s always a bike waiting for you.  
    • To sign up, visit to open an account. Once you’ve signed up, download the BCycle mobile app (Android/Apple) to check out bikes with ease. Check out a bike, ride, and return to ANY station! 
  • Car 
    • Parking on campus can be a headache, but if you are bringing your car you can find information about how to purchase a parking permit here.