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The 2019-2023 Plan

Student Housing and Residential Life supports its mission, vision, and values by focusing on the following strategic objectives and goals:

Physical Environments

Objective – Establish and enhance institutional and departmental brand with-in residential communities

  • Envision opportunities to enhance aesthetics and décor. 
  • Update way-finding within residential buildings.   

Objective – Maintain and enhance physical spaces    

  • Identify a cycle for common area furniture refresh.
  • Create outdoor amenities and upgrade outdoor community spaces.
  • Finish furnishing all residential apartment spaces within the University Lofts.
  • Upgrade and enhance lock systems within residential facilities.
  • Annually review and execute facility assessment plan.
  • Increase cameras within residential facilities.

Objective – Execution of the Housing Master Plan

  • Quad Replacement by August 2020.
  • Moody Tower Replacement by FY 2022.
  • Bayou Oak Project FY 2024.
  • Graduate Student/Upper-Class Apartments by FY 2024.
  • Graduate Student Family/Faculty and Staff Housing by FY 2025.
  • Initiate refresh of Housing Master Plan by FY 2025.


Objective – Explore avenues to increase fundraising efforts

  • Build alumni and friends engagement opportunities.
  • Explore potential grant opportunities to support funding efforts.
  • Leverage new construction to foster additional giving opportunities.

Objective – Sustain initiatives that support affordability, access, and amenities within SHRL  

  • Collaborate annually and support existing scholarship opportunities.
  • Annually evaluate rate structure.
  • Assess and evaluate conference services and guest housing model.

Objective – Enhance and evaluate community development plan 

  • All staff will be able to articulate the purpose of the community development plan.
  • Assess goals/objectives of community development plan.
  • Increase the utilization of existing campus partner programming.

Objective – Increase the utilization of our Faculty in Residence 

  • Increase the number of Faculty in Residence.
  • Review SHRL engagement in the structure of the Faculty in Residence Program.

Objective – Increase the offering of Living Learning Communities 

  • Execution of the Minority Male Leadership Living Learning Community.
  • Execution of the First Generation Living Learning Community.
  • Creating Living Learning Communities for the Quad Townhouses.
  • Review current Living Learning Community offering.

Student Satisfaction

Objective – Utilize student feedback to improve satisfaction 

  • Starting Fall 2020, administer satisfaction survey every other academic year.
  • Identify and formalize alternate feedback methods.

Objective – Identify paths for students to navigate SHRLs administrative processes

  • Benchmark Frequently Asked Questions for website and publications.
  • Benchmark institutions Resource Guide.

Student Success

Objective – Student Housing and Residential Life will positively influence GPA, retention, graduation rates, and completed course credit hours of residential students 

  • FTIC retention will increase annually.
  • Support behaviors known to influence student success annually.
  • Intervene in behaviors that negatively impact student success annually.

Objective – Develop student learning outcomes for all student positions 

  • Create Student learning outcomes for Resident Advisors, Desk Assistants, Community Mentors, Resident Hall Association Exec., and National Residence Hall Honorary Exec.
  • Create Student learning outcomes for remaining student positions (Graduate Assistants, Senior Desk Assistants, Conference Assistants, Department Student Assistants).      

Department Cohesion

Objective – Student Housing and Residential Life will foster greater
connections among department staff

  • Addition of a staff connections committee within the departmental committee structure.
  • Establish a department tradition.
  • Foster partnerships and collaboration among departments and across the division.

Objective – Student Housing and Residential Life will provide opportunities for (Personal/Relational) Professional Development of its staff members 

  • Every staff member will have an intentional professional development plan.
  • The department will provide an environment that will enhance the Diversity training/experience our staff member.

Objective - Utilize technology to enhance staff communications

  • Accessible SharePoint utilized by all staff.

Objective - Staff Recruitment, Onboarding, and Training 

  • All staff trained on technology such as Outlook, SharePoint, Lenel, Mercury, Maxient, etc). 
  • Comprehensive Onboarding Plan for New Employees.
  • Develop comprehensive plan related to the recruitment and selection of professional staff.  



Download a printable guide of the SHRL Strategic Plan here.