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Students who pursue a senior honors thesis do so under the guidance and supervision of a UH faculty member in their discipline. The faculty member serves as Thesis Director on the student's committee and as Instructor of Record for the two-semester, six-credit-hour thesis coursework. Approval for enrollment in the program is required by the thesis director, the student's major department, and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards (OURMA).

Students start the process a full year before their graduation and in certain fields as much as two years in advance. We expect the students to be responsible for the majority of the paperwork associated with the process. Please also consult college-specific guidelines to ensure alignment with college procedures and expectations.

Information specific to UH faculty serving as a Thesis Director in the Senior Honors Thesis Program is included below. On behalf of OURMA, thank you for supporting undergraduate research!

Guidelines and Forms

Guidelines for Faculty Thesis Directors

This document provides an overview of the thesis process and outlines the expectations of the student and committee members.

Final Defense and Evaluation Form

After the student's defense and revisions, this form is signed by all three readers on the student's thesis committee to indicate successful completion of the thesis defense. The Guidelines for Faculty Thesis Directors discusses this step in detail on page 2. Students should review carefully the Defense and Graduation webpage for steps in completing and submitting their thesis.

Nominating a student for an Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis Award

Have you served as a faculty reader on an exceptional thesis project? The Honors College gives recognition to select students who have completed an outstanding Senior Honors Thesis. All majors are eligible for consideration. View past recipients of this award.

If you would like to nominate a student for the Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis Award, please send an email to Dr. Rikki Bettinger with a description of the creative project or research and its significance. In your nomination, please highlight the question or problem the thesis addresses, as well as its relative difficulty and its relative achievement. The language of the nomination should be in layman's terms insofar as possible. Should the thesis be selected, we will draw on your description when recognizing the students at the Honors College Medallion Ceremony. Please submit your nomination by May 1st.