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Thesis Guidelines for the College of Architecture and Design

The Senior Honors Thesis reflects the diversity and rigor of the college studio sequence and is a one-year design studio-based program in the 5th year of the Bachelor of Architecture degree plan. The program includes three courses: an initial fall semester thesis preparatory research class, a spring semester design studio and a book binding class. Students use the earlier professional studios to develop important topics for independent study and apply to the college program in late spring of their 4th year of study with a single statement of intent (a form from the College) and portfolio. Arguments are synthesized with writing, precedent and site analysis work to be organized into a prep book in the fall semester when readers are assigned. Upon successful completion of the preparatory class, students are approved to begin the thesis design studio with individual faculty advisors. During the spring, arguments are proven through design. Finally, students combine documentation of their studio project with earlier writing and analysis into a bound book completed in May, as per Honors College guidelines.

College of Architecture and Design Thesis Intent Form: For architecture students only. Submit to the student services office by the third Monday in May of the spring semester.

College of Architecture and Design Senior Honors Thesis Representative

Your Honors College contact is Rikki Bettinger, and your COAD contact is Matthew Johnson. All architecture students interested in completing a Senior Honors Thesis should contact Professor Johnson for more information.