Phillip Kieval - University of Houston
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Phillip Kieval

Current Pursuits

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I completed an MA in philosophy at UH and I’m now working on my PhD in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. I’m currently working on the ethics and epistemology of machine learning in science and public decision-making.

Undergraduate Research Projects

As a Mellon Scholar, I worked with Johanna Luttrell on a project in feminist epistemology and masculinity studies.

Favorite Undergraduate Research Memory

I really enjoyed the time spent bonding with my cohort. So much of my experience with research in the humanities centers around community building. Mellon gave me my first taste of that aspect of academic life.

What do you value most about your undergraduate research experience?

Through the graduate school bootcamp and summer research experience I acquired invaluable skills that helped me put together successful application materials.

How did undergraduate research prepare you for what you are currently doing?

One of the most important skills I developed through working with my faculty mentor was the ability to craft and stick to a writing schedule. I still lean on the habits I developed through undergraduate research in my work today.

Advice for Students Interested in Undergraduate Research

Lean into your relationship with your faculty mentor! Keep in touch with them as regularly as possible. If you can, work with them to make a schedule that includes dedicated writing time and regular meetings to discuss your progress.