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The Honors College Publications Receive National Recognition

By Martha S. Hayes
Nov. 18, 2019

The Honors College Shine & Rise annual (2017-18) report and areté annual magazine (2019) have each received a 2019 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). The 56th annual graphic design competition garnered approximately 10,000 submissions, with 10% of those receiving recognition.

“Martha Hayes, our director of communications, brought these stories together,” said William Monroe, dean of the Honors College. “These features and photos reflect the activities of outstanding students across campus and in many majors. The Honors College serves them all.” 

This year is not the first time Honors College publications have received recognition. The Shine & Rise annual report was awarded a 2018 American Inhouse Design Award from GDUSA. The Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast (PIGC) recognized the annual report with an Excellence Award in 2017 and 2018. The Honors College admissions packet also received an Excellence Award from PIGC in 2018. In 2014, the areté magazine received a first-place award for periodicals from the National Collegiate Honors Council. 

GDUSA’s flagship competition is open to advertising agencies, design firms, corporate, institutional and publishing inhouse departments, and more. 

For more than five decades GDUSA has been a national news and information magazine for the graphic design community. Among other initiatives, the organization is also known for conducting periodic benchmark reader surveys on the state of print design, technology in design, and design education.

Shine & Rise arete