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Project Description 

The goal of the Creative Care project is to work in collaboration with Cuney Homes to improve mental health outcomes for children in the Third Ward through a curriculum that encourages self-expression, physical activity, and reflective writing. The Creative Care project is dedicated to providing a safe space for children to be themselves and gain the tools needed to deal with stressors in their lives. Volunteers will develop and facilitate weekly creative wellness workshops for elementary and middle school aged children.


Plans Moving Forward

  • This past spring semester we were excited to continue connecting with children of Cuney Homes through a virtual program. It was even more important to engage with them and encourage creativity and wellness during this period of isolation. Each week, mentors led weekly virtual sessions incorporating arts and crafts, flexibility exercises, and reflective writing activities. Activities ranged from painting pet rocks together, to doing animal yoga, to writing out their dreams on hot air balloon crafts! 
  • We are excited to continue Creative Care’s mission by transitioning to a face-to-face program this fall. From tie-dye-shirt fun to chalk art, this semester is sure to be a fun and meaningful experience for more children!

Member Expectations 

  • Commit 2-3 hours per week to the Creative Care project 
  • Attend all training sessions and project meetings
  • Assist with developing and facilitating weekly creative wellness workshops or with the logistics of the project (Examples include leading the children through an art activity, running the Creative Care social media, or helping with lesson planning)

Project Heads


Gabrielle Kostecki, Mathematical Biology, Sophomore


Sanjana Jacob, Honors Biomedical Sciences, Sophomore



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