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About EDR Center

The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public affairs was established in 2020. Elizabeth D. Rockwell endowed the Center to enrich and enhance ethics and leadership scholarship and programming at the University of Houston and in the city of Houston.  Rockwell, who began her association with the University of Houston in 1938 as a student, continued to support UH as one of its most generous benefactors, up until her death in January 2011.

The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center sponsors lectures, visiting professorships, conferences, and other programs designed to promote engagement with and scholarship on issues relating to ethics and leadership in public life. While we are interested in all areas of ethical and leadership inquiry, we have a special interest in their place in social and political life, including public policy, law, education, business, and applied science.

The main goals of the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center are 1) to increase educational opportunities for students at the University of Houston in ethics and leadership; 2) to support research by University of Houston faculty on ethics and leadership; 3) to enhance opportunities for UH students, faculty, and staff, as well as people from the greater Houston community, to participate in ethics and leadership events featuring locally and nationally prominent figures; and 4) to establish the University of Houston as a nationally-recognized leader in ethics and leadership education and scholarship.