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Fellowships & Scholarships

The Friends of WGSS are happy to announce the winners
of this year's WGSS Faculty Travel Grant and Summer Research Fellowship competitions.

The two $500 Travel Grants go to 

English Professor Ann Christensen, who will present a research paper on “The Turn of the Shoe: Impossibly Repressed Femininity in She’s The Man (2006)” at the Annual Conference of the Shakespeare Association of America in Boston, MA. 

Sociology Associate Professor Maria A. Monserud, who will present a research paper on “"Pain, Chronic Conditions, and Depressive Symptoms among older Mexican Americans: Impact of Leisure Activities” at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in Seattle, WA. 

The two $4000 Summer Research Fellowships go to

Art History Associate Professor Natilee Harren, for research on a project on artist "Susan Stilton’s Voice."

African American Studies Assistant Professor, Ameenah Shakir, to complete research for her MS entitled Birthing Liberation: Helen Dickens and Medical Activism in post-World War II Philadelphia.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the applicants, who are doing great work in many fields!

Please contact the WGSS office for additional information or for applications.
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program
Room 624 Agnes Arnold Hall


Past Winners - 2023 recipients!

FWGSS Summer Faculty Fellowships

Neema Langa (Sociology/AAS) – Faculty Summer Fellowship
Samina Salim (Pharmacy) - Faculty Summer Fellowship
Jennifer Wingard (English) - Faculty Summer Fellowship
Sandra Zalman (Art History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship
Leandra Zarnow (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship

Congratulations to 2024 recipients!


Past Winners - 2022 recipients!

FWGSS Summer Faculty Fellowships
– making up Covid hiatus–

Brenda Peynado (English) – Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Norah L. A. Gharala (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Margot Backus (English) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Ruth M. López (ELPS) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Natalia Milanesio (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Chatwara Suwannamai Duran (CCS) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Casey Dué Hackney (MCL) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 
Rachel Afi Quinn (CCS/WGSS) - Faculty Summer Fellowship 

Congratulations to 2023 recipients and thanks to all who applied! 


Past IRWGS Faculty Research grants 
Black Migration Houston – Rachel Afi Quinn & Zelma Oyarvide Tuthill
Sharing Stories from 1977 – Nancy Beck Young & Leandra Zarnow


Past Winners - 2019 recipients!

Keith McNeal (Anthropology) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Caryn Tamber-Rosenau (MCL) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Jess Waggoner (WGSS) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Julie Tolliver (MCL) - WGSS faculty travel grant - $500

Congratulations to 2019 recipients and thanks to all who applied!

Past Winners - 2018 recipients!

Ann Christensen (English) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Nancy Beck Young (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Rachel Afi Quinn (WGSS/CCS) - WGSS faculty travel grant - $500

Congratulations to 2018 recipients and thanks to all who applied!

Past Winners - 2017 recipients!

Jennifer Vardeman-Winter (Communication) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Sarah Luna (WGSS) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Maria A. Monserud (Sociology) - WGSS faculty travel grant - $500

Congratulations to 2017 recipients and thanks to all who applied!

Past Winners - 2016 recipients!

Maria Elena Solino (Hispanic Studies) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Natalia Milanesio (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Amanda Baumle (Sociology) - WGSS faculty travel grant - $500

Congratulations to 2016 recipients and thanks to all who applied!

Past Winners - 2015 recipients!

Margot Backus (English) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Eric Walther (History) - Faculty Summer Fellowship - $4000
Samantha Kwan (Sociology) - WGSS faculty travel grant - $500

Congratulations to 2015 recipients and thanks to all who applied!

Faculty Awards

2 WGSS Faculty Summer Fellowships - $4,000

  • Must be a UH faculty member (TT, NTT or Lecturer).
  • In support of summer work on a research project having to do with women, gender and/or sexuality.
  • Preference may be given to those who have taught a course or courses cross-listed in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies or to those who are members of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Faculty Affiliates.
  • Submit the following as one pdf: 
    • A description of your summer research project (500 words max)
      Your CV
    • Name of one recommender who will be submitting a letter in support of your application by the deadline
    • A list of any WGSS cross-listed courses you have taught
  • Please include in your description a sense of the length of the project (article, book, part thereof, etc.) as well as of your anticipated date of completion. Please note if you would use this money to support travel to an archive or other research site, though travel is not required.
  • Funds will be paid directly to faculty member's account, as a summer fellowship for use as needed.
  • Combine all materials (excluding reference letter) in a single pdf and submit to Have author send reference letter to
  • Due 5/10/24 by midnight

WGSS Faculty Travel Grant - $500

  • For travel to a professional meeting/conference relevant to the recipient's research or teaching in WGSS. Payable as reimbursement of receipts for expenses or for purchase of ticket before travel.  Travel must occur after Sept. 1, 2023 and receive prior authorization.
  • Open to full time UH faculty who have taught a WGSS cross-listed course, members of the WGSS Faculty Affiliate group, or graduate students with primary teaching responsibility for a course listed under WGSS.
  • Submit: 
    • memo stating the name, date and location of the meeting and the role you will be playing there (paper presenter, panel chair, etc.)
    • outline of a simple budget, including other funds to be received
    • a description of how participation in this meeting will enhance your WGSS work.
  • Combine all materials into a single pdf and submit to
  • Due 5/10/24 by midnight

2 FY 2024 IRWGS Faculty Research Grants - $4,000

We invite applications from IRWGS Faculty Affiliates for grants to support research project/pilot data development over FY 2024, for projects related to gender and/or sexuality in the Houston/Harris County region.  

Please submit: 

  • an overview of your project (max 500 words)
  • a one-paragraph description of the uses to which grant funds will go
  • a personnel list, including names and roles
  • project start date and expected length
  • a budget, including costs and other funding secured

Due 6/10/24 by midnight

No faculty salary may be included in the grant, but student or other research assistant salaries okay.