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About Us

The Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program, an academic program offering two minors and a major, draws upon the dynamic energy of the global city of Houston, Texas, and the great diversity of the University of Houston campus. Since its founding as Women’s Studies in 1991, the program has evolved to promote an intersectional, multidisciplinary and transnational approach that critically assesses existing social systems, inequalities, and forms of privilege. We celebrate Houston women’s many accomplishments while challenging students to understand how intersecting categories of gender, sexuality, race, class, dis/ability, and citizenship shape not only their own lives but also the lives of people in their communities and around the world. The program’s strength comes from the diversity of the perspectives it draws from, including faculty affiliates from 14 different disciplines as well as a deep engagement with communities and organizations in Houston.

Not only does WGSS work closely with the Friends of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, the Carey Shuart Women's Archive and Research Collection, and the Women and Gender Resource Center, but students and faculty also engage across diverse communities through activism and volunteer opportunities. Students, faculty, and community members convene regularly for a variety of academic and non-academic events such as conferences, lectures, and workshops. Bridging research and activism, WGSS uses global feminism to encourage a diverse body of UH students to become informed and engaged citizens of a transnational world.

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies offers and undergraduate major in WGSS, leading to a BA, and two undergraduate minors (Women's Studies and GLBT Studies) and a graduate certificate (in Women's Studies). Doublemajoring is also an option. 

Friends of Women's Studies

WGSS/FWS Studies Timeline

The UH Women’s Studies Program is initiated, and the Friends of Women’s Studies (then known as the “Community Outreach Board”) is established.
FWS opens the Women’s Archive and Research Center.
Postdoctoral Fellows Program inaugurated.
Women’s Studies Program introduces a second minor in GLBT Studies.
Program is renamed the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program.
Women’s Archive is endowed and renamed the Carey C. Shuart Women’s Archive and Research Collection.
WGSS major approved by the State.
Launch of Institute for Research on Women, Gender & Sexuality.