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For Instructors

The Language Learning Strategies Module has been developed to help raise your students' awareness of techniques and strategies for studying a new language. It has been designed to give instructors flexibility, so feel free to use any or all of the module elements in any combination, according to your students' needs. 

Module Contents

The Quiz contains nine questions about common (dis)beliefs about language learning,  Students receive immediate feedback on their responses with reference to research in applied linguistics and second language acquisition, and the occasional supporting video or infographic.

The Presentation, entitled "Crossing the Language Barrier," introduces students to what they can expect in a typical language class, tips for studying, and guidance on preparing for exams.

The Infographic presents a wealth of language learning strategies from How to be a more successful language learner by Joan Rubin and Irene Thompson (1994).

The Guide outlines a concrete study plan for preparing for a chapter test, broken down into parts: vocabulary, grammar, reading/culture, and writing.

The Self-Assessment is a study strategy log intended to help your students become aware of how they prepared for their chapter test and, if necessary, to encourage them to adjust their study plan for the next test. It asks questions about if and how they used flashcards, how they prepared for each portion of the test, and how much time they devoted to studying. If your students include both their email address and their instructor's email address, the results of the self-assessment will be sent to both people as an email with a PDF attachement.

The Resources page contains several links about language learning strategies for students who would like to explore this area further, as well as information about the Language Commons and other on- and off-campus resources available to UH students.

The Feedback form gives students the opportunity to give feedback on the module so that improvements can be made in the future.

Suggestions for Using the Module

  • Before the first chapter test, reserve a classroom at the Language Commons for a class period and have students work through all of the elements except for the Self-Assessment and the Feedback form. Then, require them to complete those two sections after taking the test.
  • Review part of the module during classtime, then assign the rest for homework.
  • The Self-Assessment can be sent to the instructor (students just provide the instructor's email), or they can upload their results to a Blackboard Assignment dropbox if you would like to assign grades.
  • Give extra credit to students for completing some or all of the module.
  • Create a discussion board in Blackboard and ask students to discuss the module contents, e.g., their own study habits and learning strategies, tips they found helpful, resource recommendations (apps, dictionaries, references).
  • Incorporate content from the module into a Blackboard quiz to ensure that students reviewed the material.
  • Address trouble spots after tests by reviewing the relevant module elements in class.