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Classroom Spaces

Rooms 213 and 215 can accommodate up to 30 students, each with their own individual computer. Rooms may only be reserved by faculty, and 213 wil be reserved first. 

Room AH 213 is equipped with a computer, projector, document camera, Skype camera, DVD and VHS players, cable TV and a Polycom video conferencing system for distance classes. The entire system is integrated together with custom overhead audio and microphones, and the center row is equipped with laptops in order to provide a conference-style table. This room has a separate entrance from the main lab, and students should not enter until the professor has arrived. Please ring the doorbell to be buzzed in when you arrive.

Room AH 215 is a computer classroom equipped with 30 student computers and a teaching station with a projector. When not reserved, this space may be used for a quiet study area by students.

Room AH 217 is a small room, capacity of 3, equipped with a large television screen and with access to a VHS player. Email the LC directly to reserve this space.

Room Reservation Form