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Post-acceptance Requirements

Post-acceptance Requirements

Admission into the program is contingent on students completing all post-acceptance requirements. These requirements include mandatory immunizations, drug screening, background checks, medical insurance etc.

Complete the Health Screening Form (word doc), this includes

  • A medical history form

  • Physical examination by your physician

  • Proof of immunizations

  • Permission to review health records etc

Your admission to the program is not final until all the post-acceptance criteria outlined above are met.

Drug Testing and Criminal Background Check

The Master of Athletic Training Program students will be engaging in clinical rotations working various populations of patients/clients.  Consistent with protocols of healthcare facilities, Master of Athletic Training Program students will undergo both a drug test and a criminal background check administered by Castle Branch prior to the beginning of clinical rotations.  The cost of both the drug test and criminal background check will be the responsibility of the student.  For more information regarding Castle Branch, please visit: Castle Branch