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A few reminders from the Tax Department

The Tax Department would like to remind college/division administrators about a few items:

  • Key things to remember if using account code 52811, Freight/Transport.  This account code cannot be used for the cost of moving personal items for moving and relocation reimbursements.  Instead, use account code 56120, Moving-Nontaxable Direct Exps.
  • Departments must verify if a vendor is a Foreign National when using account code 53857.   If the vendor providing services is a Foreign National, a Foreign National Information Addendum must be attached to the voucher and routed through Tax Workflow for determination of tax withholding.  If the vendor is U.S. Citizen, there is no need to route through the Tax Department for approval. 
  • The Foreign National Information Addendum can be found on the tax website at
  • In addition, the Tax website has been updated with helpful information regarding moving and relocation expense reimbursements.  Please visit the website at