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Extension cords not acceptable on campus

By Cindy Granier

The State Office of Risk Management recently conducted an evaluation of several University of Houston buildings on campus.

UH Fire Marshal Christopher McDonald said that one item inspectors noted was the use of extension cords. Per fire code, the use of an extension cord is not a substitute for electric wiring and should not be used.

Extension cords may only be used on a temporary basis (less than 24 consecutive hours at a time) and must be unplugged from the wall outlet after use. The extension cords must also be grounded.

If you do not have enough outlets in your workspace to support your needs you can do one of the following:

  • Submit a work order to request additional electrical outlets
  • Use a surge protected multi-plug strip in lieu of an extension cord.

Anyone with questions can contact the UH Fire Marshal's office at 713-743-1635.