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UH dining partners with BOUNCE to educate parents on healthy eating

By Maria Carrillo

UH Dining Services' Dietitian Sarah Feye partnered last year with Behavioral Opportunities Uniting Nutrition Counseling and Exercise — better known as BOUNCE — to educate and empower Hispanic and African-American girls between the ages of 9 and 14 to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

As part of programming, Feye hosted cooking demos and provided nutritious recipes to participants. This year, UH Dining, in a partnership with BOUNCE, is shifting the focus from the girls to the parents.

"Children learn how to eat from their parents," Feye said. "Parents have quite a deal of influence on how children and adolescents view their food; from healthy relationships with food, to picking nutritious options at restaurants, and even cooking at home, parents are able to make a big impact."

Feye and Chef Carlos Guerrero are hosting parents every Saturday of the fall semester here on campus. They feature cooking demos, Cougar Xpress Market tours, and a final large demo. The large final demo will be held Nov. 22 and will feature traditional Mexican dishes for the holiday season, but with a healthy twist. The group will receive free samples and will also be hosted by UH Dining for a free lunch after the demo.

BOUNCE is a University of Houston-sponsored program that is led by the Department of Educational Psychology. It incorporates healthy food choices, daily exercise, and positive self-esteem in a supportive environment for young girls.

To learn more about BOUNCE, visit its website. For more information about UH Dining Services visit