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UH community should prepare for hurricane season

By Valarie Smith UH community should prepare for hurricane season

Hurricane Harvey is on the minds of many now that hurricane season officially began June 1.

Everyone should make sure they are signed up to receive UH ALERT Emergency Notification System messages on their cellphone. Members of the UH community are not signed up automatically, so if anyone has not added their cellphone number to the system, they should go online for instructions.

Do you know where your flashlights are? What about extra water or food? Now is the time to take stock and ensure you have everything you need for you and your family – including pets – to make it through several days without power, and possibly away from home if an evacuation is ordered.

Here are some quick tips to help everyone get ready:

  • Have a plan. Know if you live in an evacuation zone by visiting this page. Make preparations to evacuate by knowing evacuation routes and having a pre-planned destination. If you don't live in an evacuation zone, make plans to shelter during the storm by gathering the proper emergency supplies.

  • Have an emergency kit. Flashlights and batteries, first aid supplies, daily medication, food, water, cash, a battery-powered radio, and a crank or solar-powered USB charger are some key items. For a full list, see the Emergency Preparedness Supplies Checklist. Think of every family member and pet to make sure there are enough supplies to last each at least a week.

  • Reach out. If you have questions about how to properly prepare for a hurricane, or what your role in hurricane preparedness is as a UH faculty or staff member, now is the best time to ask. Contact the Office of Emergency Management by clicking here and help make sure the UH community is ready for the 2018 hurricane season.

For more in-depth information and a printable checklist to help get prepared, visit the UH Office of Emergency Management’s Hurricane Preparedness website or FEMA's Hurricane page.