Book Adoption Incentives for Meeting Deadline of Nov.1

book adoption


We are proud to announce that five departments submitted 100% of their adoptions (including “no adoptions”) by the October 15th deadline!  Each of the departments will receive $400 in catering from our on-campus dining partner, Fresh Fork, sponsored by Associate VC/VP Dr. Emily Messa and the Office of Administration.

CHIN – Chinese

NSS – National Security Studies

SGNL – Sign Language

TMTH – Technical Mathematics

HDCS – Human Development and Consumer Sciences

Congratulations to the faculty and administration of these departments, and thank you for your timely adoption submissions!

But wait – students still need your help!  The earlier the UH Campus Store receives adoption information, the better they can source the most affordable options for our students.  To help ensure our students can save the most money, we are pleased to extend the catering incentive program. 

The next five departments who submit their adoptions (including “no adoptions”) by November 1st, will each receive $200 in catering from Fresh Fork.

Please note that to achieve the 100% goal, faculty who are teaching courses with no materials must still submit “no adoptions” to the UH Campus Store.  Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), colleges and universities must provide required course material information to students at the time that they register for courses.  In addition to having more affordable options, timely adoptions allow students to make informed decisions on what classes to enroll in, and also allows them to budget for course material costs.

For information on how to submit adoptions, including “no adoptions,” please visit the Auxiliary Services faculty webpage or contact the UH Campus Store directly at .

Please remember to submit your adoptions by November 1st – it will help our students save $$$ and you could help your department receive a $200 catering incentive!