Economics 7331 
Econometrics I
Spring 2016



TA is Aritri Banerjee.  Her office hours are Tue 2.30-3.30.


TA Session is Friday 2-3.30 in M120. 


Make-up  classes: We will have econometrics Mo March 28 and Wed March 30th in M212. Usual class Tue March 29 but no class on Thu March 31st. We will have classes Wednesday May 4, 1-3 pm. This is the last regular class (maybe we stop at 2.30 but I booked M212 till 3pm in case we need to finish something). We will meet Thursday 4-6 pm (we may end earlier or even later) for Q&A (it is a good idea to go over past exams, homeworks, midterms, etc. and ask about anything that seems foggy).

Midterm:  Friday April 8 at 1 pm  Topics covered

Topics for Final (brief syllabus)

NOTE. On Friday 4/15 (starting at 1.15 pm) Bocong Do (a fellow graduate student of yours) will give a short introduction to the matrix programming languages Matlab and Gauss (they are very similar…I myself is a very experienced Gauss user, but Matlab is becoming more popular---it is quite easy to go from one to the other.)

FINAL: Friday May 6th 2-3.30 in M212..

Midterm 2015

Midterm 2014

Practice questions for exam






Assignment                      Due 

HW #1 


HW #2


HW #3

Homework 3                   Tue 3/22

HW#4                                                  Homework 4                   Tue 3/29



HW #5

       Homework 5                   Tue 4/5

HW #6

         Homework 6                   Tue 4/19

HW #7

       Homework 7                   Tue 4/26

HW #8

       Homework 8                   Tue 5/4

HW #9


HW #10