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Professional Development Workshop Series


The Preparatory and Continuing Studies (PCS) Department offers two professional development workshops per year, in September and January. The workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for educators to earn CPE credit, but also as a resource for new ideas and techniques to apply in the music classroom.

These workshops are developed based on the Kodály philosophy, which is an internationally recognized, highly sequential, and experiential method for teaching music developed by Hungarian composer, musicologist, and educator, Zoltán Kodály. At the heart of the philosophy is the belief that music education is a core subject that is the birthright of every child. It is a complete and comprehensive approach to music education that begins in early childhood. Through singing folk songs and music of master composers, children experience the joy of music in a spirit of play. At the same time, they master skills such as musical reading and writing, singing, part-singing, improvisation, and composition.

Past Workshop Instructors Include:
Rhona Brink
Carol Brown
Lynnel Joy Jenkins
Joy Nelson
Lamar Robertson
Jill Trinka
Ivy Rawlins Ward
Sister Lorna Zemke