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About Us



The Moores School of Music is a full member of the National Association of Schools of Music and a member of the Texas Association of Music Schools.


The Moores School of Music's commitment to academic excellence and the highest performance standards has made the institution a vital resource in the educational and cultural life of this city. With its 80-member faculty and more than 600 music majors, the Moores School of Music's thriving programs place it in the forefront of music schools today. With the addition of its beautiful, new, state-of-the-art Moores School of Music building, the school is uniquely poised to be a vanguard institution for the twenty-first century.

Although the primary mission of the Moores School is to educate and train professional performers and teachers, the school also serves the community at large with its public concerts and class offerings. The Moores School division of Preparatory and Continuing Studies is a multi-faceted program which provides private and classroom instruction to all ages.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees through the doctoral level are offered in theory, performance, composition, music history, pedagogy, conducting, and music education. Through the excellence of its curriculum, the distinction of its faculty, the success of its graduates, and its alliances with the city's esteemed arts organizations - the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Society for the Performing Arts, and others - the school enjoys a reputation which brings students to Houston from throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America, and the Far East.

As 80 percent of the university's music graduates remain in this area, it is readily apparent that the Moores School of Music provides a major infusion of superbly trained musicians into professional performance organizations, churches, public and private schools, and studios—indeed, into every aspect of the city's musical life. The Moores School of Music is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music and the Texas Association of Music Schools.

Mission Statement

To provide an outstanding comprehensive music education on the undergraduate and graduate levels, overseen by a faculty and staff second-to-none; to continue to develop recognition of the school at the local, national, and international levels in order to attract students of the highest caliber; and to provide the university community and the city with the highest quality performances that will both educate and entertain.


To develop and maintain a major center of music learning and performance with an international reputation for quality and artistic achievement;

To offer baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degree programs that prepare performers, composers, conductors, music educators, and scholars to meet the highest professional standards and to produce graduates who are able to meet the musical needs of our community and country;

To increase students' knowledge of music history, ethnomusicology, theory, pedagogy, and performance practice and to provide a thorough education using varied technologies, materials, and methodologies in developing their various skills;

To provide an opportunity for the study and performance of music by non-music major UH students. This includes a strong music component to meet various CORE requirements of University of Houston curricula;

To present faculty and student programs on campus, in the community, throughout the region, and across the nation, creating opportunities for exposure to and performance of diverse repertories;

To encourage creativity, innovation, and experimentation in the composition, performance, and teaching of music;

To maintain and further develop high-level performance ensembles that meet our students' needs, expand their horizons, and offer support to the university as a whole, including ensembles that support the university's intercollegiate athletic activities and that serve as role models for our music education students;

To recruit and retain a first-class faculty based on expectations of strong teaching ability, collegiality, and the highest level of professional achievement including performance and scholarly research;

To establish programs of cooperation among Houston's professional performing arts organizations, public schools, community colleges and other segments of the professional music community; and, inspired by the newly established Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, seek additional campus opportunities for interdisciplinary programs;

To provide broadly based educational opportunities in music for non-university students, from early childhood through adulthood, through our Music Preparatory and Continuing Studies Program;

To support the School's artistic and programmatic goals through steady increase of the School's endowment.