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Honors College Advisory Board

Members of the Honors College Advisory Board serve as ambassadors for the College, actively supporting the Honors mission by taking leadership roles in fundraising and engaging the Honors College in the business and civic community.

Board Members

John King, President
Ron Bankston
Briana J. Bassler
Benadetto G. Bosco
Tim Brown
Blake Cantley
Alejandro Capetillo
M.H. "Butch" Cersonsky
Martin B. Cominsky
Jeff Dodd
Fermeen Fazal
Vincent D. Foster
Michael J. Gapinski
Sean Gorman
Michael W. Harlan
Steven Hecht
Michael Lore
Alexander Obregon
Christian Sarkar
Faisal Shah
Matthew B. Steele
Jenni Rebecca Stephenson
Karen Webster
Trey Wilkinson
William Monroe, Dean and O'Connor Abendshein Professor 

For more information, contact Hannah Barker at 713.743.3220 or