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Honors Thesis

Senior Honors Thesis Program

The Honors College is vested with the responsibility of overseeing undergraduate thesis work throughout the university and ensuring its quality. The total amount of work required for a thesis should be roughly equivalent to six hours of coursework (250-300 clock hours). You will sign up for a total of six credit hours (3399H and 4399H) for your thesis. Generally the hours will count toward your major degree requirements. You will receive an "IP" (in progress) grade for 3399H, which will be changed to a letter grade when you have finished the thesis. Students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis will graduate with a particular Honors designation, which will be noted on the transcript.

GPA Requirements:

Required GPA: A 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in major are generally required to qualify to undertake a Senior Honors Thesis.

If your GPA falls below a 3.25: Consider enrolling in independent study courses, (usually course numbers 3398 & 4398), in your department. Each course is three hours of credit (a total of six hours), and will enable you to secure course credit for your research and written project. Confer with an undergraduate academic advisor in your department for more information on enrolling in an independent study course.

A student whose cumulative gpa is below 3.25 may be allowed to undertake a senior thesis only under special circumstances. In this situation, the thesis director or the departmental director of undergraduate studies should email Karen Weber confirming that the student has the time, academic preparation, motivation, and ability to complete a thesis successfully. The student must also participate in the Thesis Studio Program.

How to Get Started:

Student Thesis Guidelines

Faculty Thesis Guidelines

Working with Human Subjects: If your research proposal includes working with human subjects, then you must receive approval from the University's Institutitional Review Board (IRB) prior to initiating your research. Please reference the University's IRB policy before submitting your research proposal.

Deadlines for Enrolling in Thesis Hours:

Verification of Eligibility Form: Due last day of the fall or spring semester immediately prior to the semester you begin your thesis project.

If you’re starting your thesis project in the fall, your Verification of Eligibility form is due on the last day of the previous spring semester; if you’re starting your thesis project in the spring, your Verification of Eligibility form is due on the last day of the previous fall semester.

Honors Cords for Graduation:

Single red cords for graduation are available for purchasing in the University Bookstore for undergraduate Senior Honors Thesis students.