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Honors and the Schools

Faber in the AnvilThe Honors College is giving high school students an early introduction to the college classroom through its new Honors and the Schools program. By bringing Honors faculty and special guest lecturers to schools throughout the greater Houston area, the Honors College hopes to develop closer ties with potential students and their teachers. Honors and the Schools has recently sponsored classroom visits to Pasadena-Sam Rayburn, Carnegie Vanguard, Fort Bend-Dulles, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, DeBakey High School for the Health Professions, Bellaire, St. John’s, Memorial, The Woodlands, and The Kinkaid School. 

Michael Zuckert at Kinkaid“We’re changing hearts and minds,” said Dr. Helen Valier, who has so far given talks at Dulles, Carnegie Vanguard, and The Woodlands High School. “Most of the students I’ve met had never heard of the Honors College and didn’t really know about all the opportunities here at the University, but they were very bright and open-minded. They really reminded me of our Honors students.” Professor Valier added that being able to meet with teachers who get a new class of students every year may go even further to raise awareness for the College.Students studying Iliad