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Cost and Billing


There is no cost to departments for repair and maintenance requests for state funded space. However, services outside of routinely scheduled repairs and maintenance are billable to the campus customer. 

For more information, see Billable vs. Non-billable Requests.

The billable rates that are charged to our campus customer are currently under review. New billable rates will be implemented and will take effect 1 September 2018. - (updated 3 April 2018)

Billing Rate

Service  Type

Billable Rate

Billable O/T Rate

Service Area




All Auto Repairs




Skilled Trades:  Carpentry, Exterior Maintenance, Painting, Lock*, Labor, Moves, Event Setup




HVAC, EMECS, Elevator, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Alarm, General Utility Support, Plumbing

General Support



Custodial, Grounds, Solid Waste/Recycling

Minor In-House Construction



Renovations, Demolition, Construction

Manager Review



Technical and Planning Review

The chart above represents LABOR rates only. Material will be billed at cost as applicable.

* Lock Shop hourly rate applies if flat rate is not applicable. 

Last Updated June 2016