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  • What is the registration fee?

    The registration fee for the BOUNCE summer program varies per year. Partial scholarships may be available for eligible participants.
  • What is included in the registration fee?

    If there is a registration fee, it typically includes participation in a four-week program designed for children between the ages of 9 to 14 with instruction in nutrition, counseling and physical activity. The fee may also include the following (though this varies): daily lunch and healthy snacks, program T-shirt, and other materials such as a scrapbook.
  • What can my child expect to do at the summer program?

    Each day will consist of fun activities and interaction among the participants. Physical activities may include step aerobics, Zumba and yoga. Children also will participate in daily nutrition classes, learning healthy eating habits and how to prepare healthy meals and snacks. In addition, the program includes discussions about the importance of self-esteem, positive body image and goal setting.
  • What should my child wear?

    Participants should wear athletic-type pants or shorts and running shoes. No sandals allowed. Participants are required to wear running shoes at all times. If they do not, they will be sent home for the day. No jeans or non-athletic tight clothing will be allowed.
  • Where is the BOUNCE program?

    The BOUNCE summer program typically takes place on the University of Houston campus in classrooms and athletic facilities.
  • How many participants can attend the program?

    To maintain an ideal learning environment, we usually limit our participation to 40 children. A ratio of eight children to one instructor will be maintained.
  • What paperwork do parents need to fill out before beginning the program?

    Parents need to fill out all the forms on "Programs" webpage, including the eligibility checklist, the registration and release form, the physical examination form, and the medical history form. Parents must have their child’s physician fill out the physical examination form as well. All forms may be downloaded from the webpage.
  • Can I contact my child during the program activities?

    Children may bring their cell phones and use them at the end of the day’s activities. If parents have an emergency, please call the main office at (832) 842-5921, and we will get the message to your child immediately.
  • What if my child gets injured during the program?

    We will administer first aid and contact you immediately.
  • What if my child wants to withdraw from the program?

    Your child will be allowed to withdraw from the program at any time. Please note that your registration fee (if applicable) is non-refundable.
  • What if my child is being bullied at the program?

    Bullying, disrespect and other negative behaviors will NOT be tolerated at BOUNCE. All children who engage in these activities will be dismissed from the program immediately. All participants must read and sign the BOUNCE rules before beginning the summer program.