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MySafeCampus Reporting Process

The MySafeCampus.pdf provides step-by-step instructions on how individuals can anonymously report suspected non-compliance with external rules and regulations or fraudulent activity. Individuals can make reports by web or phone
(Use the MySafeCampus Hotline or 1-800-716-9007).

Reporters choose one of the following options regarding confidentiality:

  • Remain completely anonymous
    (i.e. both university and MySafeCampus)
  • Remain anonymous towards institution (i.e., university only)
  • Do not care about anonymity

When reporters choose to remain anonymous only to UH, university officials can communicate with the reporter through MySafeCampus to ask follow-up questions and give the reporter an update about the investigation. If the reporter decides to remain anonymous to both UH and MySafeCampus, university officials are not able to ask follow-up questions or give status updates.