University of Houston Molecular Medicine & Experimental Therapeutics: Craft Subgroup

John W. Craft, Jr.
Research Assistant Professor Ph.D. University of Houston
Office: HSC 402F

John W. Craft, Jr. is an aerospace engineer from Wichita State University and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and chemical biology from the University of Houston. His interests fuse his Space Shuttle ascent guidance, navigation, and controls experience at NASA with biophysical studies using molecular dynamics simulations and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. He seeks to use the common mathematical foundations of engineering and biophysics to analyze the chemical environments that endow macro-molecules their function and then impinge on that function though computational drug design.

My research vision is to use computational chemistry, docking, and molecular simulations to find promising lead compounds and then test and validate those leads in a range of experimental settings that include spectroscopy, cell culture, and in-vivo mouse investigations. My research is focused on US health issues such as heart disease and also on World health concerns such as cholera. 

Selected Publications