Economics 7331 
Econometrics I
Spring 2018



TA is Eris Azizaj . His office hours are Thursday 12am-1pm.


TA Session is Friday 1-2.20 in M212.


Make-up classes: TBA if needed

Midterm Exam: Midterm I Wednesday Feb 14th; Midterm 2 Wednesday March 28th

Note for Midterm preparation 2017.

Note on measurement error.

Material covered for final 2017.



FINAL: In class Wed May 2nd

Midterm 2017

Final Spring 2017



GLS notes


Projection proof of Frisch-Waugh theorem (uses the logic of OLS estimation)


Notes on Maximum Likelihood

HOMEWORK                                    Due

Homework1       Hw1_zip                   Wed Jan 31

Homework2       Use Hw1_zip            Wed Feb 7

Homework3       Use Hw1_zip            Wed Feb 21

Homework4       Use Hw1_zip            Wed Feb 28

Homework5       Use Hw1_zip            Wed March 7

Homework6       Use Hw1_zip            Wed March 21

Homework7       Use Hw1_zip            Mon March 26

Homework8       Use Hw1_zip            Wed April 4

Homework9       Use Hw1_zip            Wed April 11

Homework10       Use Hw1_zip          Wed April 18

Homework11       MainHW11                  Wed April 25