UH Offers Experts to Discuss Midterm Elections

Many eyes are on the Texas senatorial race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. University of Houston experts have been closely following the campaigns and careers of both candidates and can address an array of questions leading up to the midterms. UH experts are well-versed on other races throughout the state.

The University of Houston offers live high definition broadcast interviews through our ReadyCam broadcast studio. Located on campus, the digital studio can connect UH experts with networks 24/7. 

For assistance in reaching these experts, please contact Sara Tubbs at 713.743.4248 or Jeannie Kever at 713.743.0778.

brandonr midterms


Brandon Rottinghaus, professor of political science, can address Texas politics and presidential-congressional relations. Rottinghaus frequently provides commentary to national media outlets and is co-host of Party Politics, a podcast on Houston Public Media.


Renee Cross, senior director and researcher at the Hobby School of Public Affairs and a lecturer in political science, is an expert on voting and Texas politics. She can talk about voter turnout, including Latino voter turnout, and key state and local races.

Beth Simas Elizabeth Simas, associate professor of political science and an expert on political behavior, can address potential changes in the balance of the U.S. House and Senate, turnout in midterm elections and why a focus on overall turnout is misleading (it's where people turn out to vote that matters). She also can talk about the outlook for female candidates.
jim granato midterms

Jim Granato, professor of political science and executive director of the Hobby School of Public Affairs, is an expert on American politics and public policy. He can address how the makeup of Congress is likely to change and what that might mean for policy on issues including healthcare, trade, tax reform, criminal justice reform, immigration and border security.

Pablo Pinto

Pablo Pinto, director, Center for Public Policy, Hobby School of Public Affairs, can speak about Latino voter participation, as well as broader issues of representation, trends in the electorate and how the election will affect regional, national and international policy outcomes. Pinto is fluent in English and Spanish.