Super Bowl LI Experts

Super Bowl LI brings worldwide attention to Houston with broad social and economic implications. The University of Houston has faculty experts available to provide insight on a wide range of related topics from tourism, business and real estate rentals to security, wagering and many more. For assistance coordinating any interviews, please contact University of Houston Media Relations.


Dr. John Bowen

John Bowen, Professor: As co-author of Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, the leading hospitality-marketing textbook in the world, Dr. Bowen is a hotel marketing expert and can speak to the influx of tourists who will be packing Houston hotels.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186

Cathy Cheatham

Cathy Cheatham, Lecturer: With Houston hotels booked for the big game, Cathy offers more than 20 years of national and international hotel and lodging operations expertise.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186


Bill Gilmer

Bill Gilmer, Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting: Once the dust settles after the Super Bowl, what long term economic impact will the big game leave behind?

Media Contact: Jeannie Kever, or 713-743-0078

Jason Draper

Jason Draper, Assistant Professor: Jason is a tourism industry veteran who’s conducted dozens of research projects for convention and visitor bureaus and in the meetings, incentives, conventions and events (MICE) sector.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186


Tiffany Shin

Tiffany Shin, Assistant Professor: Tiffany has expertise in restaurant branding and how Houston establishments will benefit from hosting a huge event like the Super Bowl. 

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186

Reba Haskell

Reba Haskell, Lecturer: Instructor for the Taste of the NFL culinary class training students to assist world-class chefs during the Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose before the game which benefits food banks across the country.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186


Betsy Gelb

Betsy Gelb, Marketing Professor: Betsy weighs in on what consumers can expect from the upcoming Super Bowl ads.

Media Contact: Jeannie Kever, or 713-743-0078

David Walsh

David Walsh, Super 4 Experience and Health and Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor: David has expertise in sport management issues including marketing, strategic event planning and management, communication/mass media relations, and sport governance.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186


Stephen Barth

Stephen Barth – Professor/Attorney: An expert in hospitality law, Dr. Barth can also provide insight on large event security or legal advice for homeowners renting out their houses.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186

Keith Richards

Keith Richards – Executive Director, Real Estate Program C.T. Bauer College of Business: Keith can share real estate expertise for homeowners who are renting out their house during Super Bowl week.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186


Anthony Caterina

Tony Caterina, Lecturer for Super 4 Experience: Tony has been part of the Houston host committee discussions on the events surrounding the Super Bowl. He’s attended two Super Bowls and the extra parties that come with this large event. His experience as director of operations at arenas has also given him experience with fake merchandise and ticket scalping.

Media Contact: Chris Stipes, or 713-743-8186

Tony Kong

Tony Kong – Assistant Professor, Management: When it comes to wagering with friends or colleagues, Tony has advice about how to keep co-workers on task, but also keep friendly competition in the office.

Media Contact: Jeannie Kever, or 713-743-0078