UH Experts Available to Comment on Trump Address

With Tuesday’s speech to a joint session of Congress expected to provide additional insight into the emerging policies of the Trump administration, experts from the University of Houston will be available before and after to discuss the speech and topics likely to be raised, including the economy, immigration and energy.

For assistance setting up an interview, contact Chris Stipes, 713-743-8186, cdstipes@uh.edu or Jeannie Kever, 713-743-0778, jekever@uh.edu


Brandon Rottinghaus, professor of political science, says this will be the most important speech of Trump’s political life, merging his agenda-setting powers and his tonal approach to leadership as he attempts to persuade reluctant Republicans to go along. “His honeymoon has been unhappy due to several communications issues and policy snafus. He needs legislative wins to change the narrative, and for wins, he needs Republicans to vote with him.”  713-743-3925 or bjrottinghaus@uh.edu

Ed Hirs, a lecturer in energy economics, says he will be looking both for more detail about the new administration’s energy policies, as well as more general economic plans, including any indication of Trump’s thoughts on current Fed policies and specifics about a proposed import-export tax.  Promises to boost coal production “are looking really bad for the rest of the year, with projections for natural gas to remain below $3.” ehirs@central.uh.edu

Geoffrey Hoffman, director of the Immigration Clinic of the UH Law Center and a faculty member there, has been involved in the response to Trump’s now-rescinded executive order banning immigration from seven primarily Muslim countries. 713-743-9563 or ghoffman@central.uh.edu

Jodi Berger Cardoso, assistant professor of social work, examines how exposure to trauma and stress affects immigrants and their children and the stresses associated with raising children in the context of deportation risk. She works with local agencies that provide legal and mental health services to immigrants, unaccompanied alien children and refugees. Cardoso is bilingual. 713-743-1157 or jabergercardoso@uh.edu