UH System Universities to Launch Higher Ed Programs in Katy this Fall

UH Cullen College of Engineering and UH-Victoria to Offer Classes

The University of Houston System will offer bachelor’s- and master’s- level degree programs in engineering, business, education and other high-demand fields in Katy starting this fall.

The University of Houston will offer classes beginning with the Fall 2016 semester at the Houston Community College (HCC) Northwest-Katy Campus, about a mile north of Interstate 10 at 1550 Foxlake Drive.  UH-Victoria (UHV) will offer face-to-face classes at a new leased facility about a mile north of I-10 at 2002 W. Grand Parkway N., Building 2. The arrangement will allow UH and UHV to continue serving the higher education needs of the region while a new UH System campus is built near I-10 and the Grand Parkway.

Increasing access to higher education has been a priority for regional leaders and is part of the UH System’s long-range plan. 

“This is another step toward expanding our footprint and furthering ties between the community and the UH System,” said Paula Myrick Short, UH System senior vice chancellor for academic affairs, and UH senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “By providing increased course offerings in the Katy region, we’re furthering the success of our students toward timely and accessible degree completion.”

UH will offer graduate courses in petroleum and subsea engineering, both in high demand along the West Houston Energy Corridor.  UHV will offer both bachelor’s degrees for transfer students and master’s degrees in business, education and computer science, along with programs in a number of other disciplines. Additional programs are offered online. 

“The workforce in the Katy area and within our 30-minute drive time contains more than 40 percent of all engineers in Houston,” said Lance LaCour, president and CEO of the Katy Area Economic Development Council. “Increasing college-level educational opportunities — particularly in fields that fuel our local economy like energy, technology and business — is important for our community and the quality of life of our residents.”

The new leased location will allow UHV to consolidate programs it has offered across the western edge of the metropolitan area, in Sugar Land, Katy and Cinco Ranch. All of its Greater Houston degree programs will now be offered at the new facility . 

“We expect that students who have taken classes offered by UHV at other regional locations will join new students  taking these programs in the fall at the new leased location on Grand Parkway. The programs we offer in Katy will continue to grow,” UHV President  R. Vic Morgan said.  

UH System Regents last month approved plans to purchase 46 acres and build a state-of-the-art academic building in the fast-growing suburban area. A 10-acre system campus at Cinco Ranch will be sold.

Courses in petroleum and subsea engineering, are open to degree-seeking students and, with the consent of the respective programs, non-degree-seeking students. Both courses may be applied toward a master’s degree in petroleum or subsea engineering based on successful admission into the respective graduate programs. More information is available here.

The courses will be taught by world-renowned faculty. Christine Ehlig-Economides, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, will teach “PETR 6314: Pressure Transient Testing.” The course will explore the theory and application of pressure transient testing of oil and gas wells for determination of reservoir properties and near-well damage simulation. 

Subsea engineering industry leader Burak Ozturk will teach “SUBS 6330: Pipleline Design,” a comprehensive overview of subsea pipelines, including lessons on pipeline design, flow assurance, material selection, installation and construction, inspection and integrity management. Students who successfully complete the pipeline design course may apply the credits toward a certificate in subsea engineering from UH.

“UH has worked closely with our industry partners to identify courses that are relevant to the energy sector and the professional engineers already living and working in the Katy,” said Joseph W. Tedesco, dean of the UH Cullen College of Engineering. “It is exciting to be able to launch these programs in Katy even sooner than we expected.”

UHV will continue to offer a broad range of undergraduate and master’s degrees in Katy, along with several certificate programs. In addition to undergraduate degrees for transfer students in Digital Gaming & Simulation, Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Psychology and other humanities, it will offer a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in a number of disciplines. Graduate business degrees include the Global Master of Business Administration and the Strategic MBA. Students also will be able to transfer and earn an undergraduate teaching degree with certifications in areas such as English as a Second Language and special education. Graduate education degrees include the Master of Education in Educational Administration and Counselor Education. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field may enroll in the online VOICE program and become a teacher in as little as a year. 

Full details on UHV’s offerings in Katy are available at www.uhv.edu/katy.