UH Experts Available to Discuss Expected Trump Announcement



Brandon Rottinghaus, Associate Professor of Political Science: Rottinghaus can address the presidency, political scandal, the media and political communication, Latino voters and the Texas electorate, as well as key issues in battleground states that could become tipping points, such as immigration. Play Video of Expert Commentary

Media Contact: Marisa Ramirez, mrcannon@uh.edu, 713-743-8152
Nancy Beck Young

Nancy Beck Young, Professor of History: She is an expert on the presidency, modern American politics, first ladies and Texas political history.  Young can offer commentary on most aspects of the race, the implications for the future of the country and the role of candidates’ spouses in the campaign.

Media Contact: Mike Emery, pemery@uh.edu, 713-743-8186

Jim Granato, Professor and Director of the Hobby Center for Public Policy:  Granato can discuss current U.S. policies and American political institutions. He is an expert on political economy, public policy and econometrics.

Media Contact: Marisa Ramirez, mrcannon@uh.edu, 713-743-8152

Richard Murray, Bob Lanier Chair of Urban Policy in the Department of Political Science: Murray’s expertise includes local governments and politics, public opinion and political parties. He is considered one of the foremost experts on Houston and Texas politics. Play Video of Expert Commentary

Media Contact: Marisa Ramirez, mrcannon@uh.edu, 713-743-8152

Renée Cross, Associate Director of UH Hobby Center for Public Policy: Cross can address issues related to Houston and Texas politics, urban politics and civic engagement.  Her area of expertise also includes state and congressional races.

Media Contact: Marisa Ramirez, mrcannon@uh.edu, 713-743-8152

Elizabeth Simas: Assistant Professor of Political Science: She can share perspective regarding voting and American electoral behavior, the Texas electorate, and gender and politics, including messaging to women by both parties. Play Video of Expert Commentary

Media Contact: Marisa Ramirez, mrcannon@uh.edu, 713-743-8152