UH Experts Available to Discuss Dallas Shootings

University of Houston experts are available to address topics related to the recent tragedies in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota. For assistance in reaching these experts, please contact University of Houston Media Relations. More experts may be added to this list, so please check this page for updates.


Brandon Rottinghaus, associate professor of political science, can discuss the political impact of shootings by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana and the police slayings in Dallas.


Luis Salinas, lecturer of sociology, can address the long-lasting social effects of tragic incidents those in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

Melissa Hamilton, visiting scholar in criminal law and procedure at the UH Law School, can discuss gun control, police response, domestic violence, socialization into terrorist groups, triggers to mass killing events and choice of targets.

Buzzanco Robert Buzzanco, professor of 20th century U.S. and diplomatic history, can discuss the parallels between protest movements of the 1960s and those of today.
Suzanne Pritzker, assistant professor of social work, can discuss social action and political social work that works to create positive change.