Events and Experts Related to the Republican Presidential Debate at UH

The University of Houston is hosting the Republican Presidential Debate on Feb. 25 in the Moores Opera House. The campus is hosting debate watch parties, as well as lectures and panels related to the debate. UH also has experts who can comment on a wide range of topics related to the debate and the 2016 election. 

To cover watch parties or events, contact Marisa Ramirez, 713-295-0712 or Ramirez and other members of UH’s media relations team can assist in facilitating interviews with faculty experts.

Details on events and experts are as follows:


For perspective on the debate or election issues, such as voter behavior and turnout, minority voter participation, Super Tuesday, the Affordable Care Act and immigration, consider these Election Experts.

  • Some of these faculty members will be on campus on debate night.

Contact Marisa Ramirez, 713-295-0712, for availabilities.

  • Learn more about the University of Houston by reviewing our UH FAST FACTS.
  • Video of the UH Moores School of Music and areas around the University is available to media on request.
  • The Moores Opera House is home to numerous works of art. Read about artist Frank Stella’s “Euphonia” and other art works here.


The University of Houston Law Center and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will host panel discussions analyzing Presidential Politics and Policy, Supreme Court and Economic Implications of Presidential Elections, and Presidential Elections and Latino Politics in the U.S. These events will begin at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23 in the Student Center Banquet Ballroom and are free and open to the public. More details can be found here.


Join UH students at the University Houston Student Center for Debate Watch Parties and other activities

  • Students, faculty and staff will gather in the Student Center Theater beginning at 6:30 p.m.
  • Journalism and political science students will gather at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication for live debate polls, tweeting and live student media coverage from the Lance Funston Communication Center/Studio with perspective on the debate. All will be streamed on Watch Party monitors on campus. 


Students from the UH Honors College Speech and Debate Program are currently blogging about the Presidential Debates. Follow their updates: