UH Experts Available to Address Same Sex Marriage Topics

The Supreme Court is preparing to hear oral arguments in the potentially historic case Obergefell v. Hodges, which addresses the constitutionality of laws prohibiting same sex marriage.

Experts at the University of Houston can address topics related to the legal and political issues surrounding same sex marriages.

To schedule interviews with these UH professors, contact Mike Emery at memery@central.uh.edu or 713-743-8186. Others faculty members may be added to this list.

Thomas Oldham, professor of law, can address the odds the court will announce a constitutional right to marry for gay couples and what are the likely results. Oldham is a recognized expert in family law and marital property. Contact the UH Law Center’s communication team to schedule interviews with Oldham – cacriado@central.uh.edu or jtkling@uh.edu.

Brandon Rottinghaus, associate professor of political science: Rottinghaus can address how the issue of same sex marriage might shape campaign rhetoric during the race for the White House. He also can address how the topic might be the tipping point in several battleground states. Rottinghaus can be reached at 713-743-3925 or bjrottinghaus@uh.edu

Luis Salinas, lecturer of sociology: Salinas discuss society’s back and forth attitudes regarding same sex marriage as recent polls suggest that more Americans are in support of these unions.  Salinas can be reached at 713-743-3957 or lsalinas@uh.edu

Geoffrey Hoffman, clinical associate professor of law, can comment on the possible ramifications of the cases as applied to family-based immigration cases. Hoffman is the director of the UH Law Center’s Immigration Clinic. Contact the UH Law Center’s communication team to schedule interviews with Hoffman – cacriado@central.uh.edu or jtkling@uh.edu.