University of Houston Experts Available to Discuss The Ebola Virus

(NOTE: This list will be updated frequently with new experts.)

Brandon Rottinghaus//Jason Casellas/Political Science: Professors Rottinghaus and Casellas can address how government response to the Ebola cases may influence political campaigns.  Reach Rottinghaus at 713-743-3925,; Reach Casellas at 713-743-8714 or

Temple Northup/Communication: Professor Northup can talk about how the media coverage of Ebola may prompt people to overestimate the likelihood of contracting the virus. Reach him at 713-743-1697 or

Seth Chandler/Law: Professor Chandler can discuss rights of quarantine and which entities are in charge in such cases. Reach him at or 713-743-2123.

Stephen Barth/Hospitality Law: Professor Barth can address the legal responsibilities of hotels, cruise lines and other hospitality entities that may be faced with suspected cases among their guests.  Reach him at 713-743-2415 or

Luis Salinas/Sociology: Professor Salinas can speak to the layman’s fear of the virus and how that may lead to overreactions.  Reach him at 832-643-2927 or

Patrick Bordnick/Social Work: Professor Bordnick can discuss managing the public’s fears and expectations of the virus from a mental health aspect.  Reach him at 713-743-2086 or