UH Experts Available to Discuss Issues Related to Domestic Violence Awareness Month

As you pursue stories related to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, please keep in mind these experts from the University of Houston.  Should you have difficulties connecting with any of our experts, please call Marisa Ramirez at 713-743-8152 or mrcannon@uh.edupurple ribbon

Donna Amtsberg, clinical assistant professor of social work: Amtsberg trains future social workers in a specialized program to address child and adolescent trauma, which includes the trauma of experiencing domestic violence. dkamtsberg@uh.edu

Patrick Leung, professor of social work: Leung’s research has explored the reluctance of Asian, male victims of intimate partner violence to seek help. pleung@uh.edu           

Julia Babcock, professor and co-director of the UH Center for Couples Therapy: Babcock’s research examines intimate partner violence by focusing on changing the perpetrators’ behavior.  She examines how altering communication skills can prevent arguments and psychological abuse from escalating to violence. jbabcock@uh.edu      

Monit Cheung, professor and principal investigator of the Child Welfare Education Project: Cheung’s research specializes in child protection, sexual and domestic violence, incest survivor treatment and the training of child protective service personnel. mcheung@uh.edu

Daphne Hernandez, assistant professor of health and human performance:  Hernandez’s research specializes in the area of poverty and has explored how women who experience physical, mental or sexual abuse have an increased likelihood of being food insecure and experience depression.  dhernandez26@uh.edu