Top 10 (Easiest) Ways to Stay Physically Active During the Holidays

Easy-To-Do Tips from the UH Texas Obesity Research Center

Holiday activities often keep us from making the healthiest of choices.  The University of Houston Texas Obesity Research Center offers some easy ways to keep health top of mind during the holiday season.
1.    All In the Family – Make it a point to take a family walk (or two) every day after a full meal.  A 20-minute walk to the park or to see holiday lights will help digestion and burn calories. 

2.    Team Spirit – Watching the big game on TV? Pretend you’re at the stadium—stand up, cheer, clap and have fun.

3.    All Rise –When catching up with friends and family on the phone or in person, stand instead of sit.  Standing burns more calories than sitting. 

4.    Holiday Fun Runs – Double the benefit by participating in area fun runs that help various organizations in the community.

5.    Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Too cold for outside fun? Schedule a time for you and a friend to workout indoors. Play video games that focus on physical activity, weight training, Pilates or yoga.

6.    Shop the Calories Away – Turn your shopping trips into healthy-walking trips. Park your car a slight distance from the store entrance and walk nimbly from place to place.

7.    Put On Your Dancing Shoes – Dancing gets your heart rate going. Go out with friends or stay in and dance like no one’s watching!

8.    Winter Cleaning – Put a positive spin on house cleaning! From squatting down to clean small crevices to reaching up above your cabinets, to the simple act of walking back and forth--cleaning can be part of an active routine.

9.    There’s an App for That – Partner with your smartphone and the hundreds of apps available for workout routines.

10.    Take the Stairs – You’ll burn almost 10 times the calories if you take the stairs instead of taking an elevator.

BONUS:  Tell Someone – Telling someone your goals for the holiday break, such as working out, makes it more likely that you will go out and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

About the UH Texas Obesity Research Center: