UH Experts Available to Discuss Topics Related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, experts at the University of Houston (UH) are available to discuss a range of topics. 

Betsy Gelb is the Sachnowitz Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the Bauer College of Business. She is an expert on advertising, marketing and public policy, marketing strategy and management. She can address a number of characteristics of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that help it succeed, including the visual Pink Ribbon that is nearly as ubiquitous as the Red Cross in recognition by people and how the two terms – “breast’ and “cancer’ moved into ordinary conversation thanks to the many marketing communications that used them. She can comment on how 30 years ago neither “breast” and “cancer” was used so repeatedly and how the use now has made it ok to talk about a disease that used to just be whispered about. Reach her at gelb@bauer.uh.edu

Melanie Rudd is an assistant professor of marketing at the Bauer College of Business. She specializes in consumer psychology and behavior. Her research focuses on time perception, affect (mood and emotions), well-being and prosocial behaviors. She can address topics such as what campaigns, such as the Pink Ribbon campaign, are doing well and how they can better use consumer psychology and the public’s knowledge of consumer behavior to increase the effectiveness of their efforts. She can provide insights into the minds of consumers and how they might view or respond to these campaigns. Among the topics she can address is why consumers may be less likely to donate to breast cancer research or support initiatives and the lessons that can be learned from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Reach her at mrrudd@bauer.uh.edu

Bo Huang is a research assistant professor in the Center for Nuclear Receptors & Cell Signaling. His research shows the second estrogen receptor ERβ plays an essential role in the breast carcinogenesis and treatment. This research has built greater understanding of estrogen signaling in breast carcinogenesis to spearhead development of new pharmaceutical drugs to treat breast cancers. Reach him at bhuang2@uh.edu

Audrius Brazdeikis is a research associate professor of physics with the Texas Center for Superconductivity. Brazdeikis and his research team developed a hand-held magnetic probe that can be used in conjunction with a magnetic tracer to quickly and easily locate the sentinel lymph node for biopsy in breast cancer patients. Combining nanotechnology and advanced magnetic sensors eliminates the use of radioisotopes in operating rooms, thereby avoiding exposure of patients and surgeons to radioactivity. Reach him at audrius@uh.edu

Qian Lu is an associate professor in the department of psychology and director of the Culture and Health Research Center. She is an expert on breast cancer survivorship with Asian-Americans, health disparities and culture, ethnic and gender differences in pain management. She developed an expressive writing intervention that her research indicates may improve health outcomes for Asian-Americans. Contact Melissa Carroll at mcarroll@uh.edu 

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