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Welcome to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts

This dynamic organization brings together artists, performers, writers, scholars and the general public to facilitate interdisciplinary partnerships, advance experimental thinking and incorporate the arts into the many fields of study offered in the McGovern College of the Arts and at the University of Houston.

The Mitchell Center invites diverse, multifaceted people and ideas into collaboration to create something bigger and more ambitious than any individual can accomplish alone. Across the campus and city, the Mitchell Center encourages and celebrates the intersection of art between and amongst performances, exhibitions, symposia, festivals and public art.

As a proud part of the McGovern College of the Arts, the Mitchell Center strives to connect students, artists, academics and thinkers of all kinds to meet, exchange ideas and foster collaboration. Find out more about the Mitchell Center programs and events to see what exciting new combinations of art, health, agriculture, industry, technology, urbanism, entrepreneurialism and creative human expression (to name a few) are happening this season. 

– Melissa Noble & Steven Matijcio

In the foreground, a grass and gravel courtyard with strung lighting design above; in the background a person wearing red walking by the Mitchell Center building during late afternoon.