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BFA Thesis Exhibition: Pain, Loss, and the Wandering Soul

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Jen Barker culminates her experiences in the University of Houston’s Sculpture Block program with this BFA Thesis Exhibition on display in Elgin Street Studios, Room 150 from May 4th-15th, 2021. Pain, Loss, and the Wandering Soul examines mental health and grief through a wide variety of mediums as an entry point into the personal and the universal.

Discussing such difficult topics as suicide and loss so openly challenges the stigmas surrounding mental illness. The exhibition surveys the entire spectrum of her personal mental health journey, from depression to healing and everything in between.

Baring her soul in such raw moments opens the door for others to see their lives and struggles. Through observing Barker’s personal experience of grief, viewers can feel less alone managing their own bereavement. Pain, loss, and wandering are universal experiences; addressing and expressing them brings healing and closure.

Elgin Street Studios, Room 150
Jennifer Barker