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Fleurette S. Fernando
Arts Leadership Director 

The Graduate Certificate in Museum and Gallery Management Program, offered through the M.A. in Arts Leadership Program, is an exclusive 12-credit, non-degree program at the University of Houston. A background in fine art is not required to enroll in the certificate program as the process of museum management is transferable across various types of museums, including children’s museums, history museums, natural science museums, etc.

It is open to both current and prospective University of Houston graduate students. Current University of Houston graduate students must have completed a minimum of 9 graduate credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in a related field which can include (but is not limited to) art, art history, arts leadership, architecture, anthropology, education, history, music, theatre, dance, Spanish, social work, sociology, world cultures and literature.

Course Requirements

In order to receive the Graduate Certificate in Museum and Gallery Management, certificate courses cannot double count between the certificate and any other graduate program on or off the UH campus. Individual courses can, however, be taken as elective courses in any UH graduate degree program. Students have up to three years to complete the certificate.

Four (4) courses (12 credit hours) from the following must be completed within three years to successfully complete the graduate certificate:

All students must take the ARLD 6370 – Introduction to Museum and Gallery Management.

It is highly recommended that students take ARLD 6310 – Fundraising for the Arts and ARLD 6320 – Financial Management for the Arts if they have not already taken them in a previous degree or certificate track.

ARLD 6370 – Introduction to Museum and Gallery Management (3 credit hours)
Required for all students
This course provides an overview of key aspects for managing nonprofit museums and commercial galleries and introduces students to the practical skills required in these fields, including: exhibition planning, promotion, and publicity; development of educational materials and programs; exhibition design and installation; and the proper handling and treatment of art objects. Students will be exposed to professionals currently working in the field though guest lectures and site visits.

ARLD 6310 – Fundraising for the Arts (3 credit hours)
Required for students who have not completed previous coursework in fundraising
The course serves as an introduction to fundraising strategies for leaders of the arts and provides a comprehensive overview of the fundraising process for non-profit organizations. Students are introduced to basic terminology and concepts in the field; relationship building, the solicitation process, the grants process, major gifts process, the annual campaign, corporate giving and the role of planned giving within an organization’s overall fundraising efforts.

ARLD 6320 – Financial Management for the Arts (3 credit hours)
Required for students who have not completed previous coursework in financial management
Course investigates fundamental concepts of financial theory and applies to the management of Arts Organizations; concepts include financial statement analysis, profit planning, sources and forms of financing, budgeting and business valuation.

Students may choose from the list of courses below to fulfill the remaining hours of coursework needed for the Museum and Gallery Management Certificate Program. Students may also contact the Program Director to propose additional courses from the Art History, Arts, and/or Arts Education departments that could count towards the certificate.

ARLD 6395 – Museum Education and Community Engagement (3 credit hours)
Students address the issues regarding the development and implementation of museum education and community engagement in current museum practices through readings, discussions, and multiple visits to local institutions.

ARLD 6395 – Museum Programming (3 credit hours)
This course will serve as an overview to the current trajectory of curation, the history of galleries and museums, methodologies, politics of display, and the art market, allowing students to explore the history, theory and practice of museums as well as the current and emerging trends in the field. Though guest lectures and site visits, students will also have the opportunity to meet with Houston area museum professionals to learn the process of museum programming including curatorial work, registration, education and public programming, marketing, public relations and collection management.

ARLD 6315 – Public Relations and Marketing in the Arts (3 credit hours)
Introduction to public relations and marketing for leaders of arts organizations, this introductory course surveys a variety of techniques, from audience research and campaign development to advertising and branding, and emerging online tools. Basic strategies of public relations will be explored along with methods for making the most of social media platforms to develop and deepen customer relationships. The course will cover marketing principles as they relate to building, maintaining and developing audiences for performing and visual arts organizations

ARTH 6301 – Critical Theory (3 credit hours)
Survey of the major concepts and methods employed in the analysis of art practice. Instructor approval required.

ARTH 6303 – After Theory (3 credit hours)
Exploration of discourses that can inform contemporary artistic practice from political critique to literature, music, and film. Instructor approval required.

ARTH 6380 – Museums and the Problems of Display (3 credit hours)
Development of the culture if display and the impact of art institutions, curators and exhibitions on our understanding of artworks and their history. Instructor approval required.

ARLD 6391 – Internship Placement
A 150-hour professional placement in a Houston area museum or gallery setting.

Fall 2021  

All classes are from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise listed.  

ARLD 6320 – Financial Management for the Arts

ARLD 6370 – Introduction to Museum and Gallery Management

ARLD 6310 – Fundraising for the Arts

ARLD 6395 – Museum Education and Community Engagement

Spring 2022  

All classes are from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise listed.  

ARTH 6303 – After Theory
Tuesdays, 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

ARLD 6395 – Museum Programming

ARLD 6315 – Public Relations and Marketing in the Arts

ARTH 6301 – Critical Theory

ARLD 6391 – Internship Placement
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"Being a brand-new Houstonian, the Arts Leadership Program offered a phenomenal opportunity to learn about this vital, diverse and thriving arts community from the ‘"insider perspective’ of proven leaders in the field. The professors imbue their courses with management savvy, professional connections and years of experience from a variety of leadership positions in the Houston arts scene. I feel excited, confident and eager to apply my knowledge in the arts community of my new hometown!" Alyson Landry (MA ’16)