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Moores School of Music Graduate Student Continues to Rack Up International Awards

Carlos Cordero won top prize at the 2018 Japan International Choral Composition Competition.

This has been an invigorating year for rising composer and musician Carlos Cordero.

On August 26, the Moores School of Music student won first place in the 2018 Japan International Choral Composition Competition in Nagano, Japan. His winning piece, entitled “Ave, Regina Caelorum,” was published by Panamusica.

During the competition, Cordero had a chance to work with Ko Matsushita, an internationally recognized conductor and composer, and share his piece with the world. “The opportunity was a dream come true that I could not let pass,” he says.

In the past year, Cordero also received first place at the Chorus Austin’s 2017 Young Composers Competition and won the VoxPopuli Audience Award at the inaugural International Choral Composition Competition “Alberto Grau.” He also won the 2018 Composer Competition at the Uncommon Music Festival and, as the winner of the first Emerging Composer Contest, had original work performed by the Inversion Ensemble

Cordero says these competitions help him discover the individuality of a piece. “I don’t participate for the prize but for the opportunity to discover what piece is born out of the challenge of writing something new,” he shares. “They challenge me to grow as a musician and composer.”

As an artist emerging on the international stage, Cordero encourages other fellow composers to make themselves known to the public and spread musical creativity around the world. “I recommend that every composer take a chance and send their work to competitions and calls for scores,” he says. “Every step is rewarding, and many can be life-changing events.”