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NPR Showcases Works by Moores School of Music Professor

‘Pipedreams’ highlights three works by David Ashley White.

On the July 3 broadcast of National Public Radio’s “Pipedreams” program, three pieces by Moores School of Music Professor David Ashley White filled the airwaves. This isn’t the first time White, a professor of composition and music theory at the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts, has turned heads with his compositions. Over his extensive career, he has received numerous commissions from organizations, including schools and churches, and his recorded works have been featured on previous editions of “Pipedreams.” Learn more about the selected works below:

Taken from a recent CD recording, "O Sacrum Convivium: Sacred Music from the Chapel of Saint Basil" (Gothic Records, G-49303) — performed by The University Singers, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Brady Knapp, conductor and organist Sigurd Øgaard — were "Aria" and "Fanfare for St. Anthony," both for solo organ, and "Canzona" for oboe and organ, performed with oboist Grace Tice.

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