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UHSecure FAQ

What is UHSecure?
UHSecure is a campus-wide wireless network that allows you to securely browse the web from your computer or mobile device.

Do I need anything other than my wireless device to connect to UHSecure?
Yes, you need a CougarNet account. I have a CougarNet account, but I don't remember my password. What should I do?
There are three options for resetting a forgotten, unknown, or expired password. You will need your Cougar Card for each.

I know my CougarNet password and I have been using the wireless network for months without a problem, now I can't connect to the network. What could be wrong?
CougarNet passwords expire every 180 days. Not all wireless devices will prompt you to change your password when it expires. Use the information in the previous answer to reset your password

Are there any wireless devices that are known to have trouble connecting to UHSecure?
Yes, the following devices are not able to automatically configure UHSecure.

Is there basic configuration information available that might help me configure my own device?
Yes, here is some basic configuration information:

Click here for information on configuring your Mac, iPhone or Android device.

If my wireless device is not listed in the previous answer and it will not connect to UHSecure, what should I do?
Let us know by chat or call 713-743-1411 so we can look into resolving the problem.